Microsoft Office 2010 home The remarks that nokia quickened his pace

Microsoft Office 2010 home The remarks that nokia quickened his pace

In fact to Microsoft for, they also expect WP system can replace saiban at an early date. But both saiban system it is still one of nokia source of income, such transformation can smooth? Office 2010 key will let your work faster and easier.


HeXi analysys international observers think when accepting a reporter to interview, in mobile Internet, between Microsoft and nokia, the former masters in position, no matter whether the latter will, Microsoft will force users “upgrade” or “transition”, and mango is product of two cooperation, the two sides to it has certain expectations.

HeXi said, in fact, nokia also know, saiban some can’t keep up, Microsoft Office is a great assistant for your daily life.

 believe that in the long run, nokia won’t do too much struggle. “Both should be made in the back some consensus”. So both between is smooth transition, but for users, was the transition.

The cooperation with Microsoft, nokia has really been modified. The establishment of the intelligent terminal and mobile phone of two business units, are responsible for its high-end smartphone and functional mobile phone business. Microsoft’s best product is Microsoft outlook 2010 .

And the original saiban system software development business outsourced to accenture.

Communication experts think this knife horse in the integration and transfer process, both saiban users move to WP system some difficult, Google Android of rapid development, and apple iPhone brings market extrusion, is all the fretting for nokia.



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